miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017


En esta unidad estudiaremos dos de los grandes grupos de vertebrados, mamíferos y aves:
  • Animales de la granja
  • Mamíferos: murciélago, mamíferos acuáticos, equidna.
  • Aves: pingüino, avestruz, águila, gorrión, pelícano, colibrí.
3. Contents
  • Farm animals

4. Videos
  • Vertebrates

  • Mammals

  • Birds:

  • Babies

  • National Geographic Kids

  • Songs

3. Games
4. Links
🎬 Cartoons: "Animal farm" by George Orwell

5. Worksheets

  1. Bats are noctural animals. Investigate other noctural animals. What do they do at night?
  2. Which is the smallest mammal on the planet?
  3. Why penguins and ostriches can't fly?
  4. Make a list of aquatic mammals.

Well done kids! Here are the results...